Feeling Stressed? Here Are Some Useful Tips to Help De-stress.

Feeling Stressed? Here Are Some Useful Tips to Help De-stress.

One semester down and one more to go for this school year. We are halfway through and you may be feeling a little stressed. With a new year comes new life stressors, here are some useful tips to help regulate and de-stress.

  • Getting active and going outside

    Being in nature and getting fresh air is beneficial for us. Additionally, being active throughout the day can help decrease our stress levels and help us think more clearly (Mayo Clinic, 2021). There are a multitude of ways for us to get active, including walking, yoga, biking, running, stretching, hiking, swimming and more.

  • Journaling

    Journaling is a helpful tool to reflect on feelings and stressors you experienced throughout the day (Mayo Clinic, 2021). Having prompts to write about for journaling is useful. Try journaling about what you are grateful for, things you want to work on in the future, a “to-do” list, or creating a list of positive affirmations.

  • Try to connect with friends and family more

    Life can be hectic with school and work, but connecting with others is an important well-being strategy. As humans, we tend to isolate ourselves when we feel stressed but we need to do the opposite. Finding time to connect with friends and family can reduce stress levels and allows an opportunity to discuss personal challenges with others (Mayo Clinic, 2021).  Remember, genuine conversations and laughter are essential for our overall well-being and stress levels (Mayo Clinic, 2021). 

  • Listen to music or a podcast

    This allows us to free our minds, boost our mood and helps us focus on something else, rather than our stress (Mayo Clinic, 2021). Listening to a mental health podcast can provide a different perspective or help you identify strategies to incorporate into your own life.

  • Get enough sleep every night

    As college students, we tend to not get the appropriate amount of sleep every night. We may be staying up and studying, socializing, playing video games and more. Try to aim towards the goal of getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Not only is getting the right amount of sleep needed but the quality of sleep is also important. Some tips for getting better sleep include having tea before bed, not using your phone right before bed time, turning all the lights off, spraying lavender essential oils throughout the bedroom, and more. 

    Everyone deals with stress in one way or another and using the tips provided above can help decrease the amount of stress you feel in your everyday life. Try adding in some of these tips and see how they work for you and your busy lifestyle. 


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