Easy Ways To Stay Organized and Productive

Easy Ways To Stay Organized and Productive

With the new year already here, it’s time to make some goals to start off the semester on the right foot. Every year people start their goals out strong and then they start to dissipate as the year goes by. Here are some easy ways for you to stay organized and productive throughout the year to help you reach your goals.

  1. Write your goals down 

    This can be any kind of goal, but keep it realistic. The more realistic your goals are, the more likely you are to accomplish them. The next thing to remember about writing your goals is the timeframe you give yourself to complete them (Sennett, 2022). For example, let’s say you want to learn three new recipes to add into your daily routine. Give yourself the time to be able to do this and set a goal for yourself. “I am going to learn this new recipe by March 30th, 2023.” Giving yourself an appropriate time frame to complete a task gives you more availability in your schedule to do so and increases accountability (Sennett, 2022). Be sure to track your progress as you go and celebrate accomplishments as you reach your goal.

  2. Try to use a calendar or create a to-do list 

    Making sure everything you need to do is written down, in one place, is important (Sennett, 2022). Creating daily or weekly to-do lists of chores, homework, or work is easy to do and keep track of. You can create your to-do list on the notes app of your phone so you always have it on you and can check off the tasks as you go. Using a calendar to track due dates can help you see what your whole month looks like, to assist with prioritization of tasks.

  3. Have the right mindset by decluttering a space 

    Working in an environment that is messy and dirty is distracting when you’re trying to be productive (Sennett, 2022). Decluttering a space keeps it clean and organized so you can find all your items. Motivation and productivity levels will be higher in a clean space as well (Sennett, 2022). It is easy to declutter, if you do a little bit at a time. For example, one day you clean off your bathroom counter, then the next day you clean the counter and mirrors. Adding tiny cleaning habits into your routine can create a clean environment for you to increase your work efficiently. 

    Set a positive mindset for your goals and keep them realistic so you can succeed. Make this the year that you accomplish and maintain your goals to increase your overall well-being. Staying organized and productive can be hard when we are always so busy in our lives, try these simple strategies to stay organized and productive.


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Leah Kahldon, Senior, Psychology


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